PMH Consulting & Trading Alliance
Transparency creates clarity.


Transparency creates clarity. 


PMH Consulting will be happy to advise you. 

Core topics are fruit and vegetables and packaging.


Business Travel

Direct Import

Quality Assurance



Travel to the countries of origin of fruits and vegetables.

Individually or as a group.


Supplier search and sourcing in origin. Access to the global fruit and vegetable market.


Are you looking for strong and service-oriented partners worldwide?
You set certified Certifications (for example: Global GAP GRASP, IFS, BRC, etc.) and fair traded fruits and vegetables as a standard requirement? 

PMH Consulting offers you access to the global fruit and vegetable market. 
We network you with producers and packing houses in the origin. We support the future procurement process and help you to expand and stabilize your own network. 

The network - new procurement sources.

You will also receive support for any language barriers. We will take care of the translation ourselves or you will receive active support from our external interpreters on site.  

Our goal is to save you the time-consuming preparation for initial contacts and screening of new potential suppliers. This saves you money, time and above all resources. 

Through our years of experience in the global fruit and vegetable market, we provide you with information, contacts and communication channels. 
We will accompany you from the first contact of the producer, the packing house to the exporter and hand in hand we will go through each process together. 

Everything - from one source.

Furthermore, we offer you access to our network in the packaging industry. Can it be a sustainable packaging? Are you looking for packaging for short or long transport routes? Do you need packaging for your customer in retail or online trade? We will show you the current trends and we will give you insight into future trends and how the packaging is ultimately produced in the origin.   

You tell us your requirements, criteria and wishes and then we will prepare the ideal concept for you at short notice. 

As soon as we have identified a suitable partner from our network and you are satisfied with our preparations, we will take over the further steps for you, such as visa applications, invitations to the business dinner, booking of flights/hotels, accommodation, chauffeur etc..

Likewise, we will support you in your company presentation on site in the origin and organize for example a speech for you and your partners. 


We will bring you together with our network. 

We support you in choosing the right producer.  

Production at origin

#Seed selection

#Possibilities for contract farming 

#Annual seasonal planning 

Quality management 

#Plant protection plans 

#Quality improvement through innovative cultivation technologies

#Maximum Residue Regulation, EU and UN ECE marketing standards, hygiene requirements, etc.) 

#Certifications (GLOBAL GAP, GRASP, BRC, QS, HACCP, IFS, etc.)

#Packing house control 

Logistic solutions 

#Selection of the right supply chain 

#Internal, as well as external logistics 


#Selecting the right packaging 


Know how, exchange and knowledge transfer 

#Education events 

#Presentation for customers and their requirements 


Quality is the be-all and end-all.  

The quality promise must be kept.

Plan protection plans 

We would like to support you and the producers in drawing up fertilizer and pesticide plans in accordance with EU regulations, general provisions and association guidelines.

Plant protection means protecting soils and plants and at the same time guaranteeing long-term yields.

We consider this individually for each plant culture and would be happy to advise you on plant protection.


We can support you to find the right producer of your choice with the necessary certifications / the requirements of your customer. We can also advise you on the existing certifications.

Education Events

If you have problems due to spoilage, residues or poor deliveries, we can also actively support you in this matter and train your existing suppliers.

Packing house control 

If you would like to solve problems in the internal logistics of a supplier / producer, we also offer you support in this area.

We examine the processes starting with the harvest, through the internal logistics from the field to the packing house, to the processes of internal logistics.


At the service of our B2B-Customers.

We work customer- and producer-oriented and put ourselves in their situation to provide the best possible service support.

National and international customer search

We analyze future customer potential in the respective country and we organize complete trips for customer appointments.

We accompany you in the preparation as well as in the presentation of the potential new customer.

We can also support you in the potential analysis in order to eliminate the last doubts of your potential new customer.

Supplier search and selection  

We accompany you on your journey to find new, innovative products and help you comply with the required standards in your choice of supplier. Starting with the seeds, through the certification, to the details of the internal logistics and the requirements of the packing houses.

We are also at your side when it comes to import issues and the establishment of a stable supply chain from the country of origin to your customer.

Quality control

We will actively support, educate and accompany you in all areas of quality control.

We will identify the sources of error and correct them.

We give you valuable advice on the topics of certification and will discuss this topic together with you and the producer.

When it comes to quality problems, it's often the little things that have a big impact. If the times for each individual process, such as the time between harvest and bringing the harvest to the packing house, are a problem, then we will identify this and correct the processes.